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by The Wives

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This is The Wives' first album, out this year.


released February 27, 2015

These songs were recorded between september and october 2014 at Artesonao, Málaga. Produced, mixed and mastered by Carlos Hernández at El Castillo Alemán, Madrid, during december 2014 and january 2015.

The following musicians played in the album sessions:

Ricardo Navajas: drums and percussion
Fran Bujalance: bass
Javi Botias: guitars
Félix Valderrama: guitars and vocals
Miguel Olmedo: slide guitar
Miguel Ángel Pascual: Hammond

Cover art: Dani Torrejimeno



all rights reserved


The Wives Málaga, Spain

En 2007, Félix Valderrama pone en marcha The Wives. Tras colaborar con diferentes músicos y un par de maquetas ("Wardrobes", 2008; "Hidden Hats, 2012), la formación registró durante septiembre y octubre de 2014 las nueve canciones de su primer y único álbum. The Wives se disolvieron en julio de 2015. En su última formación, fueron: Félix Valderrama, Javi Botias, Fran Bujalance y Ricardo Navajas ... more

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Track Name: Untitled Ballad No 2
Here I am, I’m surrounded
By an army of wives
By the silent monotony
Of a traffic light
And I’m thinking of buying,
I still got some charm,
Well, I’m thinking of buying
Some laundromat love

I see you walking slowly
To the drainpipe
You flow like dirty waters
You could be the one
You’re a laundromat spinster
I’m an old bachelor
We could spend the whole weekend
Testing new dopes

Why don’t you wash your underwear
In the same launderette
Where I read the newspaper
Since she went away
But you pass by so swift
I’m afraid you have got
One of those white sparkling
Evil machines

We could waste our days
hunting for sales
we could go to the swamp
Everyday for a swim
I swear I never saw
Such a dirty walk
You’re the perfect spinster
For an old bachelor
You’re the sweetest spinster / For the worst bachelor
Track Name: Cold Blood
One of those sleepless nights
Was keeping me awake
I started to think about my day
Then everything got sense
I saw a micropoetry goddess
Drawing doves and flowers
I saw a hipster and some squatters
Riots in the sun

Is this life a contradiction
In an endless loop
Are these vulgar midnight visions
A good way to sleep
I saw a protester trying to find
A protest that it’s worth
I’ve seen too much, I’m bored to death
Padding on the walls
Track Name: Conchita's Dream
Through the burning sands of gold
I would swear I saw your face

I saw
you run
From me

Through the freezing winds of storms
I swear that I heard you voice

I heard
You laugh
So loud
At me

I don’t want to wake up
From all my roving dreams
Track Name: Where You Stay
How long and cold can the night be
How dark and grey have the days passed
Hard is the path for men like me
My dear won’t you tell me the place

Where you stay
Where you stay
I’ve gotta be where you stay

There is a light some miles away
I won’t get lost now that I see
Clear as the sky of a new day
Deep through the fog I’ll find the place

Where you stay
Where you stay
Soon I’ll be there, where you stay

And if something goes wrong
I want you to know
My place is your place
My heart the place
Where you stay
Where you stay
I’ve gotta be where you stay
Track Name: Dust, Sludge, Oil
The place where I belong
Is far away from here
I left it all behind
Then drifted a long time ago

I won’t get off no more
At that same stop
I know you will be there
I know I will be weak
I won’t look back once more
I will not loook back again

Once and again the way
Looks tougher than I thought
I lose foot in the sludge
And fall one thousand times

And now see, I am lost
In this dark and gloomy mere
Lord, I plead you, have mercy
I’m freezing and frightened to death
Who will be waiting for me
Who will remember my name

I shall not fool myself
I know that where I go
Right there I’ll find your face
And I’m trying to leave it behind

Just now I’m on my way
My hear, my veins, my blood
Won’t make me blind again
Now I see the sunshine so bright
Just now I’m on my way
I will not look back again
Track Name: Sunrise
I never imagined it could turn into such a mess
Had I known, I would never have let it begin
I tell you, these things are so weird that no one can explain them
I’m not surprised that you say they’re not worth anymore
To be called

Surely it’s nonsense and useless and I will regret
But I just wanted to see you this morning again
We could have a smoke in the sun, like in the old times
I’ll look in your eyes, I’ll wait till the right moment comes
Just to tell you

It was you who said goodbye
It was you, it was not me
Track Name: Alright
Last time I saw you
You said something about realising of
How much I loved you
Well, I think you’re like ten years late

But it’s all right
It’s all right
All right

Last news about you
You were going somewhere to do something
That I really don’t care
Just to let you know, I hope you have fun

All right
It’s all right

All right
All right
All right
Track Name: Silver Clouds
I see stormy silver clouds
There are trees and shades
Of weird shapes on my way

I wonder how I could get here
I could’ve thought about it
Leaving a breadcrumb trail

I found it now that I got lost
I’m glad it’s worth the trouble
Now that I won’t look back

I guess it’s light inside that hut
There isn’t light enough
To light this darkness up

It’s time to keep away emotions
I never knew when I should stop
I’d like to thank you your devotion
You never cared about to...
Track Name: Travelling Lady
Travelling lady
When will you stop
Travelling Lady
When will you stop

When will we have some rest
We deserve it

Travelling lady
Where do you go
Travelling lady
What’s in your eye

Can’t you see you’re lost
Can’t you see it’s cold
I Think you should get back
I should go home